Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Armory Show New York 2011 - Entry 5

Several booths later we discovered Johathan Schipper’s "Sexy, Shameful, Naked, Nude Stature Sculpture” Mixed Media 2011. It was shown at Pierogi out of Brooklyn, New York. What struck us first about this piece was the sound it made. From over our shoulder we heard the sound of something clanking together and breaking. After turning around we noticed Schippers kinetic sculpture. Every few minuets the mechanical structure above which supported several porcelain figures on wires would quickly jump up and down causing the pieces below to bang together. Each time this action occurred some small part of the figures would break and fall to the ground. The piece measured approximately 120” x 30” dam and sold for $18,000. See more information and work by Johathan Schipper here.

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