Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Armory Show New York 2011 - Entry 7

Delson Uchôa "Hemoglobina" 1990-2009 is an amazing display of color and pattern. Uchoa uses acrylic paint on cotton canvas in this piece which is 74" x 103" in size. Delson Uchôa emerged with the 80s generation of Brazilian artists. His paintings are characterized by the use of acidic, noisy colors, an illuminated, vibrant palette that leads the public's gaze across highly elaborate surfaces, produced by an obsessive accumulation of gestures, decals, collages and many layers of paint and synthetic varnishes. They are structured around formal principles that are a legacy of the constructivist-concrete tradition, incorporating motifs and techniques taken from folk decoration, lace, embroidery and weaves that result in optical effects and fields. Uchôa was born in Maceió, Brazil in 1956, where he currently lives and works. Delson Uchôa was shown in the booth of Luciana Brito Gallery, Brasil where the piece sells for $70,000. [Some information in part from Delson Uchôa]

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