Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Armory Show New York 2011 - Entry 9

There is one in every show and this one belongs to Wilfredo Prieto. Shown by Nogueras Blanchard Gallery of Spain, Prieto’s piece "Eclipse" 2011 consisted of 2 quarters placed on a small wooden pine shelf. We looked more closely at the piece hoping for some deeper meaning or the use of some material that might be very rare and costly such as the ground horn of a unicorn but no, it was just two U.S. minted quarters. We had a word with gallery owner Alex Hogueras and asked about the piece. Hougueras was very proud to tell us that the piece was selling for $10,000 and that there was an edition of 3. Hummm, between the two of us we had at least two bucks is quarters so it looked like our New York trip was paid for. Hogueras promptly pulled out a catalog of Wilfredo Prieto’s work and proceeded to tell us about another piece that he just sold for $10,000 that consisted of one small piece of granite and one small sugar cube, both were one inch wide. I guess Hogueras felt this would sell us on the "Eclipse" piece but we didn’t bite. Don’t let the quarter piece fool you, Wilfredo Prieto a 32 year old from Cuba who currently lives and works in Spain is a very interesting artists. Some of his other works can be seen on the website Havana-Cultura. Oh and by the way, if  we know you, a replica of Prieto’s "Eclipse" piece might be your next holiday gift.

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